Solutions Together

The Solutions Together service is aimed at helping you to overcome barriers which are preventing you from moving forward in your life or from engaging in a meaningful activity.

We will identify and match you with a suitable professional volunteer and will arrange an introductory meeting for you to meet them to discuss your support needs, set a goal and put a plan in place to achieve this within the timeframe of 3 months. 

You will receive contact from your professional volunteer once a week, face to face or via telephone, over a period of 3 months.  Any support beyond the three months will be at the discretion of WSS.

WSS will ensure that your professional volunteer has DBS Clearance and will conduct a risk assessment to ensure your safety. 

All meetings with your professional volunteer will be held in a public space and during normal working hours. This means, for example, you will not be able to meet your volunteer at yours or their home address and will not be able to use a personal vehicle for transportation.

What you can expect from WSS

  • A caring approach to meeting your needs 
  • An initial telephone call to discuss your needs and identify a suitable professional volunteer to help you meet your goal
  • An introductory meeting with the professional volunteer and Smita (WSS Volunteer Coordinator) to set your goals and put in place a plan to achieve this within the timeframe
  • Weekly support for a period of 3 months scheduled by your professional volunteer to meet your needs and achieve your goals.
  • Your professional volunteer will be DBS checked and trained in Safeguarding, Data Protection and Health and Safety.
  • Your professional volunteer will have a dedicated number on which they can be contacted on.

What WSS will require from you

  • You will be required to attend your weekly sessions as scheduled with your professional volunteer.   

Client code of Conduct

Always maintain professional boundaries with your professional volunteer and adhere to the following code of behaviour:

  • Do not share your personal details with your volunteer
  • Do not obtain any personal details from your volunteer
  • Do not use a personal vehicle for transportation
  • If you feel unsafe with your volunteer for any reason, please report your concerns to the WSS Volunteer coordinator as soon as possible
  • Let your Volunteer and the WSS Volunteer Coordinator know in advance if you are not going to attend a meeting at the earliest possible time
  • Do not maintain contact with your volunteer outside of your scheduled sessions (if you require additional support outside of your weekly sessions then you should contact the WSS Volunteer Coordinator).
SOLUTIONS TOGETHER project is looking for VOLUNTEERS Interested in making a difference in your local community? Our Solutions Together Service matches our volunteers with individuals who require support to overcome a barrier to engaging in a meaningful activity. Volunteers will receive training from us. Once trained, the volunteer will meet with a matched client and buddy with them. They will have 12 weekly meetings, helping the client to overcome their barriers, boost their confidence and increase their independence. In turn, the Solutions Together volunteer will gain a sense of achievement and much valued experience for the world of work.

To find out more please contact Smita by emailing, call/text-Mobile: 07456 709 379. Smita’s working hours are Tuesday 9.30am to 5.30pm, Wednesday, 10am to 6pm.

To register for this service please complete the form below and ask for a registration form.

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