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6 April 2022



Today, WSS announced it will be using free connectivity, via Vodafone’s charities. Connected initiative, to tackle digital exclusion in Surrey.

 WSS will use the connectivity to support individuals to get online and access groups, courses, and other services. It will help to improve digital provision of its service Make Technology Work for You and improve connectivity and digital skills for its employees and volunteers. WSS will also deliver a new Buddy Project supporting vulnerable people to overcome their first barrier in engaging in meaningful activities, to have a better life and progress on to employment, education, and volunteering. The connectivity is set to benefit fifty people in Surrey.

Vodafone’s charities. connected initiative is open to any registered charity that would benefit from free connectivity, either to improve its digital capability, extend its services or help the individuals and families it supports get online. Registered charities across Surrey can apply for the free connectivity, in the form of SIM cards with 20GB data a month, plus free calls and texts, for six months here

Parvin, Manager at WSS said “Whilst we’ve faced challenges during the pandemic, we’ve also realised the huge benefits that digital technology and connectivity can bring, enabling us to reach more people and provide them with much-needed support. This free connectivity via Vodafone’s charities. connected initiative will help us continue this work and will also support our other projects which aim to tackle digital exclusion such as accessing our online services, improving relationship, minimising isolation, and assisting individuals to connect to today’s digital society.

Emma Reynolds, Head of Communications, Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at Vodafone UK said:

“We are committed to tackling digital exclusion.  We hope that by providing free connectivity to WSS and the other amazing charities across the UK who have such an enormous impact on their local communities, we can help create a more inclusive digital society. We urge any organisation who thinks they can benefit to apply online and look forward to hearing how this connectivity has helped.”

Vodafone’s charities.connected initiative is part of its commitment to tackle digital exclusion and connect one million people by the end of 2022.

Vodafone’s charities connected initiative was launched in August 2021.  For more information, see [here].

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