Local Fraud Alert

Fraudsters posing as police officers are targeting older and vulnerable residents across the county, please share this message, take this opportunity to check in on your neighbours, friends and family who could potentially be at risk of this…

We’ve seen a spike of telephone and courier frauds over the last few days in which a fraudster phones victims posing as a police officer. The caller asks their victim to go to their bank and withdraw money, often saying it’s to help an investigation. The money is then collected by a courier and delivered straight to the hands of the fraudster.

The police will never EVER ask for your PIN, full password, send someone to your home to collect money, or your bank card.

Please hang up immediately on calls like this.

Report any calls to us via 101, or in an emergency please call 999. For further advice and information visit our Op Signature webpage for more information on the ways we can support you.