Diabetes UK News

Diabetes UK are planning many events in the coming months which can be done locally in Epsom!!

Whether you have a romantic date planned this Valentine’s Day or you’re going out with friends, we’ve got a go-to dining out with diabetes guide packed with helpful tips. From portion sizes to a variety of healthy swaps no matter the occasion, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant.

The physical effects of diabetes are often spoken about, but when it comes to emotional and mental health, it’s harder to find support. That’s why we’ve created two dedicated sections on Learning Zone packed with tailored advice and information. ‘Let Us Help’ and ‘Help Is At Hand’ are there anytime you need them, free of charge.

Join thousands of other swimmers and take on Swim22. Swim 22 miles in 12 weeks (the width of the English Channel) and be crowned one of our Channel champions! If you’re not ready for 22 miles, try 11 miles instead. Start the journey towards a healthier you and conquer the challenge your way.

We know some people with diabetes are particularly vulnerable to developing complications, and we want to find out why and how we can change this. So we’re making a big investment in new research. And by taking part in events like Swim 22 or shopping on our online store, you’re helping us fund this life-saving research. Thank you.

Diabetes technology can be life-changing, but too many people still don’t have access to what they need. You’ve told us you want better access to diabetes tech. We agree. Now we need your help. Will you take our quick survey to share your experience?

Represent Diabetes UK wherever you go by visiting our online shop where you can stock up on branded clothing including hoodies, jackets and t-shirts. You can even dress up your dog with a branded bandana like our friend Mr. Chips. Every penny spent helps fund vital research and support.

If you are interested in any Diabetes UK events happening in your local area get in touch with us at:

Telephone 01372 720148
Email: south.east@diabetes.org.uk