Buy our Christmas Wreaths for only £25

Garden Revamp is supporting us this Christmas by making hand-made green Christmas Wreaths for you. On a base of natural grape vine, the wreaths will be clothed in fresh green foliage with local flora and fauna. Cost £25 each .The Garden Revamp team has donated the materials and our time so the whole amount will go to the charity. You can pay direct using pay pal to – Donate now. Order by Monday 6th December. We will make them on 7th December and deliver to you shortly afterwards. Work Stress Solutions offers practical work experience and courses in technology, nutrition, horticulture, life balance, mindfulness and very low cost counselling to those suffering from mental health issues to help them back into work and well-being. Each wreath bought will enable to charity to run a hour’s beneficial course.

Our Wreath are £25 each.