After a difficult time in my life I found myself in deep depression and becoming more isolated from the outside world. WSS provided me with a safe environment to be in, allowing me to slowly regain my confidence. This framework enabled me to start to rebuild my life.  It allowed me to explore what was important to me and with their support I regained control back of my thoughts. From there I was able to change my life journey and be far more aware of my well-being through mindfulness. Since then I have continued to grow as an individual and have gone on to become a youth worker working with Young People, many of whom have emotional difficulties. The WSS experience allowed me to accept myself for who I am and that now helps me be there for others when maybe they have no one else to turn too.

“Fantastic course makes me want to learn more about mental health”


“I feel that every organisation should have someone trained in MHFA”


“Good facilitation.  Lovely environment and facilities.  Good refreshments”


“Excellent – insightful, confidence building and inspiring.  Feel I will go on reading and learning. Lovely environment and very well delivered”

I went to a workshop at Work Stress Solutions when I was really suffering from crippling anxiety. It was difficult to find the courage to attend but I am so glad that I did. The tutor was really welcoming and helpful. She was not at all judgmental and made us feel that we were not alone. I became good friends with one of the participants and we encouraged each other to keep on trying to get better. I was encouraged to start a new course and now have a new job which I really enjoy.


I found the facilitators at WSS very caring. I told her the difficulties I had because I didn't feel quite as able as some other blind people I know, especially in work situations and she was kind enough to say that we're all very different and have specific needs and I shouldn't be afraid to explain my problems to colleagues and people around me.


I will continue to use the benefits I have learned in the Building Confidence & Assertiveness course and improve them. I have been more confident and more positive with my actions. It has been an awesome course to help me learn new skills and be more assertive and it has helped me socialise.

I have been given a great deal of support by Work Stress Solutions. It has gently prodded me in the direction of the need for part-time paid work and given me help in this matter. Dorah May introduced me to Eamon and it was he who suggested working voluntarily at The Old Moat Garden Centre run by The Richmond Fellowship. I have worked at their cafe since the summer of 2014 and this has taught me all sorts of skills. It has given me confidence in applying for paid cafe work in the area of Epsom where I live. To summarise Work Stress Solutions has been a very positive experience for me in the transition from voluntary to paid work. I thank them for the kindness and helpfulness they shown me.


I did my ‘Getting Online’ with Work Stress Solutions. Very helpful.